Monday, July 19, 2010

Earth Hour~ against climate change~

Earth Hour~A call to stand up, to take resposibility, to get involved and lead the global journey to a sustainable future.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New slideshow added

New slideshow added. This slideshow is about my life in UCSI with my friends ( from Year 1 sem 1 until last semester). We are now in Year 2 Sem 3 already! Thanks for all the memories we shared for the past 2 years. It's nice to know u guys. Let's enjoy the rest of our Uni life!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

feel bad

    Feel bad to make an offence to a girl today. Maybe she wasn't know the way she talked to me made an offence to me too. There were many misunderstanding between us since the day we get to know each other. I had a bad thought of her before I know her. But after I get to know her, she is a person I can share my mind with. She always give me consultation whenever I met any unhappy things.
    Recently, we had many conflicts with each other. The conflict always started from my sensitive ear. I'm sort of person who cannot accept harsh words or criticise. More than that, she always say wrong thing when she didnt know the whole story about which make me more hurt. Because my mind was that, she is the person I trust the most in the Uni, I treat her as my best friend in the Uni as well. But, I wonder, why she never stand at my side and try to understand my feeling? Not even once. I was the one always being blamed.
    Guys have to be gentleman in the sense that alway give priority to girl. But, to me, I think it depends on the circumstances. And of course, as me, as a person who insist with my stand and hardly to accept what people say. Here's the problem came about. I just wish to spend my rest of less than 1 year time in Uni happily. Mood always get affected by friendship stuff. Gosh..... It's better for me to sleep then. Tomorrow will be a nice day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DaY tO NiGhT

   Take out my beloved DSLR~ aLpHa which with full with dust (kept for too long time xD) and take the photos of the views from my house. I have been living here for almost 1 year. I like to look at the outside every morning I wake up.

    What I could see when I wake up in the moring

( Viewer: ah huh? Morning? It looks like afternoon!

   Sky: yup, 11.59 o'clock morning.=.=``` )

Another view I could see when I wake up.

( Viewer: Wow, this is what u could see when u wake up?
  Sky: Yayaya...
  Viewer: That's early man! What time?
  Sky: About 7 p.m. The time I wake up from nap.xD
  Viewer: .... #$^$%^(&% )

This is the view at night. I like to look at the night view whenever I feel stress or thinking of something. It could help to chill up my mood.

Phuket trip during last semester.

    The sunset photo taken by me on the plane.^^

    Again, back to history. xD I would like to share about my experience during the Phuket trip. The trip was atcually during my last semester break, for 5 days 4 nights with my mum, sis, bro, sis in-law and their sons. It's my 3rd trip after HK and China trip with them.
    To me, Phuket is a place mainly for tourist to go, because the things there are very expensive! First, when we were taking a van from the airport to the hotel cost about RM120 with just 30 mins of drivig distance. Our next location was Patong where our hotel located. We spent RM250 for just dinner at the first night at there! One glass of very diluted apple juice costs RM9! We were feel like get cheated by them.

On the next day, we went to Phi Phi Island. It's the only fun place I found. Had fun at there, we were snorkling at there and taken lots of photos at there.

    With my little cute nephew~ Terence   

    On the next day, we went to Patong Beach which is just 10 minutes of walking distance from the hotel we stayed. Again, we see another nice view of beach with clear water.

    On 4th day, we were moved to another hotel~ The Royal Paradise Hotel which located at Patong as well. But it was at the center of the town.

    At night, there were crowded of people!!!

    Look!!! Do u think the 2 girls are "real girls"? lol

    There are many other photos which I have already uploaded and shared in my photo's page. For certain privacy purposes, you are required to log in to ur facebook in order to view all. ^^
    All and all, it was really a nice trip to there. I'm looking forward the Bandung trip during the upcoming semester break with my best friends in UCSI. ^^

Sunday, May 23, 2010


What are feelings? Ever felt like asking that question? Medically and scientifically, it is controlled by a part of the brain that is the most underdeveloped, and maybe that accounts for why we have the least control over it. Yeah, but what are feelings?
Well, feelings are like dreams. Who has ever heard of life without dreams? Dreams keep you sane, dreams tell you things that are about to happen (I get those often, the so-called deja vu), dreams, sometimes, for people gifted with prophecy by God, tell them what God wants them tell others. And then there is the other type of dreams, the dreams that drive you, the ambition that directs your acions and which you work hard for.
Do you know the true meaning behind your dreams? Sure, sleep researchers or even old wives tales say that dreams tell you if you're stressed, you're tired or you're scared, but I don't think dreams do just that, right? Dreams are so vivid, so detailed, so... ALIVE. And what about dreams of ambition? Easily explained? Well, you dream to become somebody, but why? because you want to have that wealth or respect? Why again? Because people around you do the same? Or is it because you want to leap-frog over them in that aspect? Alright, easier question: would you be satisfied after you get that? And will you really be content that you became what you become? Some would say yes, some would say no, and others... won't know.

And that is what feelings are, or really, in essence. Feelings are so unreliable in life, they cloud up the things you see, and even for the things you do see, they are distorted. But that again, feelings also keep you the way you are. True, feelings alone make a mess out of things, but solid logic and reasoning without feelings in the form of values and moral ideas (they ARE intwined and part of each other, if you bother to acknowledge it) make a man a monster capable of anything. Feelings give a context of their own to a puzzle, to a situation, to perception, and in the end, that, coupled with other things, gives you what you need to act, to feel, and finally, to care.

But then, why do feelings cause you to be hurt? Maybe it's because feelings also cause you to be happy, to feel like you belong, to feel like you have meaning in this world, to make you feel stronger than you have never been before, to make the world seem such a bright and lovely place. Maybe that is why, like our dreams, we hold on dearly to our feelings, because in the end, we know that these feelings are part of us, and it has made us into what we have become. but beware of its trap, lest it cripple you and disable you forever. But if you know in your heart that what you feel is real, and there is no way you can let it go willingly, maybe it is best to hold it close, always hoping, always searching and forever watching that horizon for what you believe in.
Man, I didn't know I could be that emo. LOLZ. Well, lessons are learnt, and maybe that will be what leads you in the future. That and feelings, I suppose.


Man, works starting to get to me... I nearly spelled destiny as "density" xD Proof that Physics rocks lolz xD

People live their lives believing the media,
And it's hard not to, cause that's about all we see
About fairy tales and... Well, Wikipedia...
But what's that all mean to me?
We learn about "Romance d'amour"
And Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty too
And knights in shining armour
And "Happily Ever Afters" - or HEAs, that's true xD

Some think that those, however
Distort now what we see...
But hey, I loved those movies
And the innocence there'd be =)

Some find their other half
Early in their life
Some search so hard and never notice them
From right beside their eyes

Some look and never find that half
And evermore they sigh
Some never bother finding them
And then they walk on by

Some don't want nor even care
And when it hits, they secede
Some hide well, and never share
But when approached, they accede

Some sigh when things do not work out
And tears in darkness be
But wipe those tears my friend, and shout,
In heaven smile with me =)

As for me, i'm glad to be just me
And yeah, that's who i'll be
The best darn looking guy there is
The wisest, arguably =P

Okay, so maybe that's not true
But you'll get me if you know me
Hey Destiny! Oh Destiny!
Can you just,

Let my friends be?


Destiny - dedicated to my friends here who got paired up, to those who aren't, to those looking to be, to those not looking to be, to those mourning, to those smiling, to those who need a rest, to those who have too much rest, to those who should be WORKING INSTEAD OF READING THIS!!!

Smile with me, and smile for me, my friends =D You know I can't stand seeing you frowning =)
And those who aren't, this quote's for you...
"If you come into this world knowing that you are loved, and you leave this world knowing that, then everything in between can be dealt with. "

— Michael Jackson